This in regard to my mother, Anna.

I cannot begin to thank you a million ways for the care you gave Mom while she was a resident in your facility. I never like to voice names of individuals who are special for fear I would leave someone out who gave the same caring and attention.

I know that each of your everyday duties will include the same care for each resident; however, please understand that a family will see it differently. A gentle touch, a kiss on the cheek, a hug, a time of small talk, and a “tuck” into bed are all a personal view of love that a family will see of your facility. I cannot put into words how I felt each and every day, knowing Mom was given such good care and attention. I miss her greatly; not a day goes by without her in mind and spirit. I will always know that you gave your very best for her last months and days of life.

I thank you sincerely

Exactly 100 days ago, I arrived at Wayne Woodlands Manor expecting only to find a place to park my broken hips and ribs while my surgery and healing progressed.

Instead, it was my added pleasure to find I had inherited a whole new family. The community of Wayne Woodlands Manor staff members ranging from management, nurses, aids, rehabbers, maintenance, laundry, and yes even the kitchen gang were always pleasant, courteous, and responsive to special requests. To personally credit everyone who attended me in a gracious manner would require a list long enough to rival the Dead Sea scrolls.

It would be most difficult for me to maintain a pleasant demeanor if I had to regularly accommodate the infirm and disabled. Nevertheless, I’ve observed that Wayne Woodlands Manor personnel are indeed equal to the task.

To sum up, I’m quite satisfied with Wayne Woodlands Manor’s efforts in accomplishing the task of returning this would-be astronaut to a condition of once again having his feet firmly planted on the ground.

I would like to give you all the rest of the day off with pay, but you can’t do that … the residents need you.

Most Appreciatively

During the past year, my husband, Richard K. Wood, fought a courageous battle against an aggressive cancer. He spent many weeks at different hospitals, on three occasions at Wayne Memorial Hospital where he was always well looked after by the staff.

The final days of Richard’s life were spent at Wayne Woodlands Manor. It was a very difficult decision to admit my husband to a nursing facility, but it was necessary, since his care was more than could be provided at home. Wayne Woodlands Manor was highly recommended to me by many in the community who have family or friends there.

Now I, too, will recommend it to anyone needing nursing home care. The nurses and aids on the “A” wing worked diligently to make my husband as comfortable as possible. Looking after him kept them busy, yet each was kind and caring. Also, I was impressed at the concern shown to me by all of the staff during the time I spent with him and to my entire family during the last days.

Wayne Memorial Health System may not have the same name recognition as some big teaching hospitals. But in my opinion, the services provided by such dedicated and caring people, ranks it at the top.