Our Mission

Wayne Woodlands C.A.R.E.S.

Wayne Memorial Long-Term Care, an affiliate of Wayne Memorial Health System, provides various levels of services including Long-Term Care and Rehabilitation Services that nurture the human spirit as well as the body.

We are committed to serving our community, patients, families, and co-workers in a tradition of high quality, cost effective care dedicated to Wayne Memorial Health System’s core values of Compassion, Advocacy, Respect, Excellence and Service.

Our C.A.R.E.S. Team

Medical Director

William Dewar III, MD

Director, Post-Acute Care

Judy Eisenhauer, DNP, AIT (570) 488.8701 or
(570) 253.8647

Senior Billing

Marybeth Tuttle
(570) 488.7130 ext.1115

Human Resources

Cindy Coacci
(570) 488.7130 ext.1114

Interim Administrator

Phillip Branning
(570) 488.7130 ext. 8701

Social Services Director

Donna Getts, BSW
(570) 488.7130 ext. 1112

Rehabilitation Therapy

Sondra Holmes, PT
Program manager, Genesis Healthcare
(570) 488.7130 ext. 1117

Activities Director

Debra Bishop
(570) 488.7130 ext 1128

Director of Nursing

Jane Kuchinski
(570) 488.7130 ext. 1139

Assistant Director of Nursing

Melissa Demcevski
(570) 488.7130 ext.1116

Assistant Director of Nursing

Kelly Durst
(570) 488.7130 ext. 1135

Registered Dietician

Thomas Fricke
(570) 488.7130 ext. 1142

Admissions Coordinator

Christine Shandor, LPN
(570) 488.7130 ext. 1131

Clinical Dietary Manager

SheriAnn Cherkosky
(570) 488.7130 ext 1126

Director of Maintenance

Justin Nixon (570) 488.7130 ext 1129

A Message from our Administration..


Wayne Woodlands has a strong tradition of resident-centered care. Empathy and compassion have always been priorities at our facility, and our resident council continues to provide us with input and ideas on how we can make things even better.

We also have a strong knowledgeable team of department heads backed by a caring staff responsive at all times to resident concerns and comfort. We have some employees who have been here for 10, 15, even 25-plus years, a testament to our organization and our mission.

In short, we trust you will agree that we have one of the best-long term care facilities in the region.

Thank you for choosing Wayne Woodlands, a part of Wayne Memorial Health System.